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Susan Levine

Susan Levine

University of Chicago

Susan Levine, Ph.D., is the Rebecca Anne Boylan Professor of Education and Society in the Department of Psychology at the University of Chicago. Dr. Levine's research focuses on the development of early mathematical thinking, including numerical and spatial aspects of math and how these aspects of math thinking relate to each other. Her research also examines how variations in “math talk” and play activities at home and at school affect children's learning in this domain. Her research includes intervention studies that examine whether providing parents and preschool teachers with particular kinds of math supports lead to improvements in children’s math learning. In addition to studying the cognitive and linguistic underpinnings of early math learning, she studies the development of children’s math attitudes and how we can intervene to disrupt the link between the negative math attitudes that parents and teachers may hold on children’s math outcomes and attitudes. In addition to her work as a member of the DREME Network, Dr. Levine has held a variety of leadership roles in the field, including serving as the co-PI of the Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center, an NSF Science of Learning Center, and the PI of the NSF Science of Learning Collaborative Network: A Research-Practice Collaboration to Improve Math Learning in Young Children, which developed an evidence-based website and app called Becoming a Math Family.


Sarah Eason, Susan Levine
September 25, 2020
Susan Levine, Cristina Carrazza, Michelle Hurst
February 1, 2021