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The development of early childhood mathematics education

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The Development of Early Childhood Mathematics Education, Volume 53 in the Advances in Child Development and Behavior series, includes chapters that highlight some of the most recent research in the field of developmental psychology. Users will find updated chapters on a variety of topics, including sections on The DREME Network: Research and Interventions in Early Childhood Mathematics, The Use of Concrete Experiences in Early Childhood Mathematics Instruction, Interventions in Early Mathematics: Avoiding Pollution and Dilution, Coaching in Early Mathematics, and Designing Studies to Test Causal Questions About Early Math: The Development of Making Pre-K Count.

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Sarama, J., Clements, D. H., Germeroth, C., & Day-Hess, C. A. (Eds.). (2017).  Advances in Child Development and Behavior: The development of early childhood mathematics education (Vol. 53). San Diego, CA: Academic Press.

Mathematics Instruction