2022 Early Math Symposium

June 24th, 2022

Join educators, care providers, and families virtually as we celebrate the math found in children's play, exploration, reading, and conversations.

9:10-10:10 am PDT

The Promise and Practice of Family Math for Young Children

National experts on the critical role of families in children’s math learning. The presenters will discuss scientific evidence demonstrating the importance of early math learning for later achievement, and the impact families have on young children’s math learning. The presenters will also address the powerful role that cultural strengths play in family math, providing evidence from research with Spanish-speaking and Spanish-English bilingual families. Building from this evidence, the presentation will conclude by featuring stories from a practice network that has been building opportunities and support for family math through partnerships between community organizations, community members, and families.

DREME Presenters: Eric Dearing, Gigliana MelziMargaret Caspe