2019 Symposium on Early Childhood Mathematics Professional Development

July 29th—July 30th, 2019
Portland, Ore.

This is an event for those interested in mathematics education in early childhood settings, including early childhood teacher leaders, school and district administrators, center directors, professional developers, instructional coaches, university educators, and researchers.

About the Symposium

The primary goal of this Symposium is to delve deeper into questions of what constitutes meaningful math experiences for preschoolers and how we can best help build educators’ capacity to use young children’s culturally- and linguistically- diverse resources to support math learning.

  • What does it take to support change in math learning for young children?
  • What does research have to say about supporting early math ? How does my work fit into this?
  • What could math look like in formal and informal home and school settings that builds on young children’s curiosities in and engagement with the world?
  • How do young children understand mathematical ideas in areas such as number and number sense, spatial relations, and measurement?
  • How can parents and families engage together as partners in young children’s math learning?
  • What shapes positive early math learning experiences for young children?
  • What are productive professional development environments to support the learning of early childhood educators?


The presenters for this Symposium represent a group of nationally-recognized early childhood scholars and practitioners who are coming together to share their latest work and inspire participants in a carefully designed set of sessions.

  • Eric Unrau, Clyde Malone Community Center Early Childhood, Lincoln, NE
  • Doug Clements, University of Denver, Denver, CO
  • Eric Dearing, Boston College, Boston, MA
  • Dale Farran, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
  • Megan Franke, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  • Natali Gaxiola, Lennox State Preschool, Lennox, CA
  • Herbert Ginsburg, Columbia University, NY, NY
  • Nick Johnson, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  • Susan Levine, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
  • Alison Maher, Boulder Journey School, Boulder, CO
  • Michèle Mazzocco, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  • Jennifer Leeper Miller, Ruth Staples Child Development Laboratory, Lincoln, NE
  • Alex Cruickshank Morgan, Boulder Journey School, Boulder, CO
  • Linda Platas, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
  • Deborah Stipek, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
  • Dolores Torres, Lennox State Preschool, Lennox, CA
  • Angela Chan Turrou, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

View the event flyer.

More information: info@teachersdg.org