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Megan Onesti

Megan Onesti

University of Minnesota

Megan Onesti is a graduate student at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Educational Psychology, where she is pursuing a master’s degree and specialist certificate in school psychology, with hopes of becoming a practicing school psychologist for elementary and early childhood students. Megan graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 2018 with degrees in psychology and human development, and family studies. She was previously a preschool teacher and is passionate about early childhood learning. She is currently a graduate research assistant in the Early Math and Numeracy Lab at the University of Minnesota, involved in research on shared book and other early math learning opportunities with caregivers.


Michèle Mazzocco, Megan Onesti
August 27, 2019
Jenny Yun-Chen Chan, Michèle Mazzocco, Megan Onesti
March 16, 2021