Douglas Clements

University of Denver

Douglas Clements, formerly a preschool and kindergarten teacher, is Distinguished University Professor, Kennedy Endowed Chair in Early Childhood Learning, and Executive Director of the Marsico Institute for Early Learning and Literacy at the University of Denver. He is considered a major scholar in the field of early childhood mathematics education and educational technology, with relevance to the academy, classroom, and policy arenas. Dr. Clements has published over 166 refereed research studies, 27 books, 100 chapters, and 300 additional works, and has directed more than 38 funded projects. His contributions have led to the development of new mathematics curricula, software, teaching approaches, teacher training initiatives, and models of “scaling up” interventions.  Dr. Clements has served on the U.S. President’s National Mathematics Advisory Panel, the Common Core State Standards committee, and the National Research Council’s Committee on Early Mathematics, and is and co-author each of their reports. Additional information can be found at, and